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Raul's Photography was established in 1999, and is owned by Raul E. Medina III and his lovely wife Lidia M. Medina. Raul has a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Associates degree in Applied Science from Palo Alto College.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Raul has expressed a great love for the culture of the city, with images to paint a picture for all to see and love. Just recently published in the new book Downtown San Antonio. Raul was the official photographer for the Wittie Museum exhibit "Yard Art". Numerous images have been published, displayed in several area galleries (Sherron & Gallista), and office buildings (Miliam Building). The passion in architecture photography carried over into weddings and quinceanera's. Since 1999 Raul has been apart of over 400 weddings/quinceanera events. Started with 35mm film and then made the transition to digital in 2006.

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